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Statement on the recent incidents of "lost assets" reported by individuals:

Recently, some individuals in the market have reported the loss of assets in the PGChain. The PGChain officials attach great importance to it and immediately mobilized the technical team to conduct a strict investigation. According to the investigation, from a technical point of view, these "lost assets" are all normal transfer transactions. For this reason, the statement is as follows:

1. The PGChain is a legally operated public chain with a qualified CK audit report (, search for pgchain). The authority, rigor, and recognition of the CK audit report are sufficient to demonstrate the security of the PGChain.

2. It is recommended that individuals who report the loss of assets take up legal weapons to protect their rights and interests.

3. The PGChain official will reserve the right to uphold justice through legal means, and the PGChain official will pursue all legal responsibilities for those who fabricate facts, maliciously slander, cause reputation damage and economic losses.

PGChain Foundation
March 12, 2023


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