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Fintech Dapp Development

We help you to develop financial applications to enrich your ecosystem:

- Customized crypto wallet to hold your token
- Token Staking Application
- Smart contract Development
- Dapp building


Coin Issuing Service

We can help with issuing tokens for fund raising and for designing the token economic structure to align it with your business goals.

Our services include:

- Fund raising consultation
- Token economic consultation
- Smart contract development
- Token deployment
- Token distribution

Decentralised Finance Platform

Our team's livelihood is building financial platforms. We can help you build a variety of solutions, including:

- Decentralized Exchange
- Decentralized Lending


Crypto Payment Solution

Seamlessly implement payment systems using PGChain with our user-friendly tools, including:

- Stable Coins
- Dapps to purchase goods and services with cryptocurrencies

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