A convenient and secure wallet for PGChain users

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What is PGWallet

PGWallet is the official wallet of PGChain. PGC holders could use PGWallet to store $PGC, token issued on PGChain, vote for masternodes, track rewards and play with games & Dapps on PGChain.

Wallet Features

Intuitive, simple & secure

PGWallet provides a simple and intuitive mobile interface that allows users to securely store/send/receive PGC and all tokens issued on PGChain. Transaction history can be easily tracked on PGWallet. PGWallet is the only wallet that supports the PGChain testnet for testing.


Easy PGC Staking

PGWallet understands users' experience with PGChain's staking and incentive system, helping users easily track the associated rewards they receive from staking and masternodes running in real-time. As a result, managing revenue and maximizing profits becomes more efficient.


Built in governance

PGWallet acts as a practical mobile utility to vote for Masternodes to secure the PGChain network.


Interact seamlessly with Dapps

Dapp-browser bridges the gap between PGWallet and Dapps. The Dapp browser on PGWallet allows token holders to experience all Dapps and games deployed on PGChain. This is part of our contribution to delivering a great mobile user experience on the road to blockchain mass adoption.

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